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Aims and Objectives
  • To spread the Gospel of Christ in Myanmar and in other countries as well.
  • To promote Christian Education work in all its churches and institutions for the strengthening of Christian Faith at every age level.
  • To prepare, promote, and equip future Karen Baptist leaders for the ministry.
  • To publish Christian literatures, Bibles, and Hymn Books for the spiritual uplift of its members.
  • To meet annually for fellowship and inspiration and to  execute related and relevant business of the Convention.
  • To co-operate with the Myanmar Baptist Convention and the Myanmar Council of Churches for the spreading of the Gospel.
  • To hold property, movable, and immovable, to buy and sell, or to transfer as it seems proper to accomplish the purposes mentioned above.
    The Covention, however, shall have no power to interfere with the internal affairs of its churches and associations in its endeavor to fulfill its purposes.
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